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Exactly 1 year ago today...

12:12 PM

Today I was meeting a friend of mine to discuss a music project we will pursue. The coffee shop at Wild Joe's was packed, the town of Bozeman, Mt encouraged the residents to support the downtown businesses. One year ago, I was sitting with the other Trail Blazers discussing theology when we all felt a big bump--the lights flickered and we all looked at each other bemused. I figured it was a small earthquake. Then as nothing had happened we continued our discussion.
I overheard someone mention all the smoke billowing out near "Boodles". (a high-end bar and restaurant) This got my attention, so in order to find out for myself I left the discussion to take a peek outside. Two blocks away, I saw 2 building completely destroyed; a car that was "blown" by the force of the blast into the street, and everyone who happened to be nearby just gawking at what just transpired.
The community in Bozeman volunteered time and equipment to help restore the damage. I'm thankful that our town can take care of their own in desperate time, nobody stopped to ask what religion or political party you were, just neighbor helping neighbor.
The explosion was a gas leak, that may have been leaking for weeks.

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