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Helping friends, losing faith....

8:44 PM

A friend of mine is hurting, he has a fundamentalist background...had an affair and is now "trying to figure his shit out." Sounds like me, but no; a guy who I thought had it together has hit rock bottom. Now how to proceed, I have/am dealing with the same stuff he is dealing with. I still go to church all the time, (one of those Christians) he's what you call "of the world." Truth is, I received some very good counseling through my church, and understand the virtues of living a moral life using Christian principles. How quickly can we leave it all behind a live selfishly. Please see my other blogpost "Who do I want to be: Intellectually and Morally Stagnant, or Virtuous?" for some thoughts on my journey and why I don't follow every selfish inclination.
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