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I am wrong and you are right!

8:30 AM

Did I just commit a logical fallicy?
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Family and their perspective on Hell.

10:18 AM

My dad just said to my sister “why would you want to spend eternity with non-christians.” It seems I can get along with non-christians better than christians. “Well maybe family” that shows the tragic part of Christianity, they have a heart for their family; but to spend all of eternity with them? I'd rather spend eternity with many of my “unbelieving” friends just as much.

Everyone, whether Christian or equally deserving of “eternal” life.

I just don't fit in anymore.

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What do women really think of sex??

12:24 AM
I'm just a married guy posing a question. I've heard many opinions from my guy friends, but I'd like to hear what ladies have to say. Do you enjoy sex more than the man, less? Does only good conversation turn you on, or are there other factors?
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