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How to use Twitter.

10:31 PM
My first username was @jesseahmann. I abandoned that due that nobody cared my name is Jesse Ahmann. Why would they? To them, I'm some random twitter user trying to sell stuff. I didn't add people, or know who to add, it was all overwhelming. Some random people started following me, then I felt honored! I connected twitter to my facebook account and I was all set. However, with twitter I wanted to promote my MLM, so I found myself deleting my FB posts so I wouldn't spam my friends. Big mistake. With twitter, no one likes spam or will click through. You will lose credibility. I changed my account to @silver__collect. This was okay, I connected with a few like minded precious metals collectors. Yet, I didn't engage very well...I just pointed them to a blog of mine on silver investing. Lame. I followed as many people as I could using a program call twitter karma to unfollow those who didn't follow back. I found this to be a good way to build followers. I still hadn't figured out the "mention" feature, and that was a travesty. With following so many people how am I going to keep track of what they are saying? Finally the new twitter came out! I found the platform to be much easier to make lists (this is key) check my mentions and see my main timeline. I changed my twitter handle to @improvcellist. This is who I am. I could finally be who I am. My followers responded well, and watched my improv videos. I talk about politics, theology and music. Since then, everyone who responds to me I put in a list. This way I keep track of those who actually care to converse on twitter and don't just spam. Hope this helps!
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