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Santa's Elves Have Been at Work :-)

It looks like we now have some new features on the blog, including picture updates from Nasa, an improved Twitter feature, and a new feature that allows us to track the number of readers we have and their locations. I really like the new features - especially the pictures from Nasa, which show us the tremendous miracle that is God's creation! Awesome work! I hear the elves will be tinkering with the main website soon :)

send me an email Michael if you want the html code for the NASA widget. I thought it would be great, the "kosmos" is indeed beautiful.

I agree! I have some interest in amateur astronomy, actually, so it's awesome to see these images displayed on the blog.

Regarding the Elves' latest work, when you guys get a chance, check out the homepage and see what you think of the new banner on the right and the updated "about us" section, now called "The Jesus Revolution." I thought it would be a good idea to include a brief summary of the Christian story and its significance as a witness to our potential readers.

I'm still juggling between keeping the newsletter or scrapping it and putting the link to the blog there instead. We'll see; either way, I'll make sure there's a link to the blog somewhere on the site where it can be easily accessed by visitors.

Let me know if you have any additional ideas!

Also, regarding the website, the "goals and vision" statement on the "about us" page is going to be moved over to a more appropriate section, and the "doing church differently" section is going to be significantly altered to reflect the current direction of our group. (That section was basically a holdover from some earlier ideas I had, which I would still like to implement in the future. So, I'd like to reframe that entire section as a "future goals" statement, as it is a bit confusing right now.)

Yeah, do whatever designing you need to do on

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