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This video brought tears to my eyes

This video was dated January 5 and as of today, January 7, three of these UN schools have been hit by heavy artillery. In one school in northern Gaza, 400 civilians were crammed inside seeking shelter from the rain of bombs. After the school was targeted, more than 40 lay dead in the rubble. If that school was the one you see in the video, at that rate--one out of every ten people you saw in this video are already dead.

I wonder if the woman with her three children made it out safely. I wonder about the man with 61 members of his own family in the school, how many family members did he loose? Did his granddaughter escape the barrage? I wonder if the cute kid in the red sweater is alright.

Sources now say that over 50 percent of the 680 dead and the over 4000 wounded Palestinians are women and children. The IDF was provided GPS coordinates of these schools by the UN and identified the schools as refugee centers. The people were told to leave their homes and seek shelter in the schools. More or less, all the UN did was provide the IDF with target coordinates for their artillery.

I realize there is not much we can do here in the peaceful and beautiful paradise we call Montana to directly help these people. We can send money for food and medicine, etc. We can support organizations that give these people direct aid. Of course, we can pray. Possibly the greatest thing we can do is promote awareness. Tell people that they paid for those bombs with their taxes.
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It's tragic to see the destruction that has been wrought on both sides throughout the years. I will join you in prayer as well. This is probably a bit 'unspiritual' of me, but as I reflect on the events in the Gaza Strip, I keep recalling a line from Coldplay's song "Death and All of His Friends": "I don't wanna to battle from beginning to end, I won't follow the cycle of recycled revenge, I don't wanna follow death and all of his friends."

We live in a culture that embraces death. Ultimately, it will be up to men and women on both sides of this conflict to step up to the plate and say "enough is enough - we're not going to continue this cycle of violence." If the leaders of Hamas, Israel, and the governments of the world are not willing to seek out a peaceful resolution, then it will be up to the common people to demand peace for themselves and for their children. I pray that Christ's church will be able to play a significant and meaningful role in modeling Christ-like reconciliation to the world in saying: "No; Christ has freed us from death and all of his friends. We don't need to follow his ways anymore, because we've found a better way - the way of life."

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