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Downtown Explosion

Can anyone tell me how this morning we all missed hearing the firetrucks and other emergency vehicles that must have driven by Wild Joe's? I guess we were really into our discussion!

From what I've heard throughout the day and this evening, there are (thank God) no confirmed injuries, although one person is unaccounted for. And it looks like that part of downtown will be off limits for several days.

The story was on the homepage of the CNN site earlier today.

You guys had to have heard or felt the explosion though? I was eating breakfast at the Holiday Inn which is about 1.25 miles away and I felt and heard the kaboom, didn't think nothing of it until I walked outside and saw the big ball of smoke! Boy, I must have missed out on a great meeting if you guys didn't even hear it!

I felt the explosion saw the lights flicker and saw all the emergency vehicles go by, I just didn't say anything.

We heard some kind of thump or thud, but I had no idea it was something that serious (and I had my back to the front of the shop).

Today there was an explosion in downtown Whitehall, I just heard. Several buildings destroyed. No one injured, apparently. Weird. Two explosions in two days.

Wow. It is the end of the world guys... first Bozeman now Whitehall??? Just imagine what it will be like after the rapture happens. ha ha jk lol! Whoever was talking at the time must have been saying something pretty interesting to not interrupt and say ei carumba? How did the meeting go anyways, you guys need to post some stuff to keep us lemmings lurking in internet land informed! I'm sure you might have talked about something more important than David's new sexy glasses?

I heard and felt the explosion, but we were all into our Bible study we didn't even get up to investigate. First I really knew anything was when Jesse went out and looked and came back in and said the "four horsemen of the apocalypse were down the street." I still didn't get up and look. I wonder if Hamas was here after me and hit the wrong restaurant. No Ryan, we didn't talk about my sexy glasses - they aren't enough like Palin's.

"I wonder if Hamas was here after me and hit the wrong restaurant."

^LOL, that's the best comment I've heard all day!

I'm kind of baffled as to why we didn't seem to notice the explosion. I remember the thud, but didn't think anything of it until I went out to my truck and saw the smoke and emergency vehicles.

Ryan, we miss you man - and I've still got your heretical book :P

Drop in when you've got all that snow out there shovelled up. :-)

Just curious - did you guys see anyone else in Wild Joe's stand up or run outside when the blast went off? Because it looked like business as usual to me; I didn't really see too much of a reaction. Maybe we entered the Twilight Zone?

No one else reacted to strongly in Wild Joes. Even the people coming in from the street seemed really calm.

check this out guys, this is kind of creepy:

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