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McLaren, he's as clear as mud

Watch this video. Yes, I can approve my gay friends and accept them. How can I look them in the eye and tell them I don't approve of their behavior. Is being gay on par with being a thief, murderer, or pagan? Where is the line? What do you guys think?


I agree with you. How could I disaprove of how my friend lives his life and accept him at the same time. I doubt that he would accept that kind of acceptance. The fact is that its different than disapproving of your children, the role your friend has is (and should be different than that of your child).
Being gay is one of those things that people constantly want to accept or deny and then move on once they've made their decision. But why do we have to make a decision? If being gay is a sin, it's one of those that really only hurts the sinner. Its not as though I could equate it to murder, stealing, or lying.
I try to understand how someone might be gay, but no matter what I cant, because I can't relate to that experience or desire.
So instead of taking a stance, Ive decided to live and let live. Ill leave this up to the only one who has the right to jugde.

Erika, we all have friends that live a life we disapprove of (or, am I the only one). I disapprove of much of what I do and think, even as Paul struggled with not doing what he should and doing what he should not. That being said, we do need to tell our friends what they do is wrong, even as I have been told I do and say things I should not. A true friend will, and can, speak frankly.

What can be done about what Paul said in Romans 1:24-32? I regret having not spoken more directly and frankly with the one Homosexual friend (that I know of) about his sinful life style. As it turned out he molested a under-age relative of mine and is now servig life in prison. I do not accept what he did, but he is still my friend whose soul I love. If I don't show him his life-style is sinful and he needs to repent then I am not showing true Christian love.

My truest friends let me know they disapproved of my sin and confronted me head-on, but they are still my beloved friends.

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