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This Week's Spicy Talk: Jesus Christ - Superstar?

Today’s church often finds itself caught between two extremes. On the one hand, Christians sometimes take an insular approach to the world, thereby weaking our impact on our community. On the other hand, we often find the church employing the means and attitudes of the world in order to advance itself and gain power and influence. What does the Bible teach about the relationship between God’s people and the world? How is the term "kosmos," or "world," used in the New Testament?
What is the relationship between God’s Kingdom and “this present world, which is passing away?” Join us this week as we explore the complex relationship between God's people and the "world!"
(His) Peace,


Great topic! Wish I was there to help talk about kosmos.

Sorry guys... I am not able to be there tomorrow. But what a great topic! I will be praying for you all to have a great time.


Excellent study Michael! Look forward to continuing this topic next week.

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