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What is 'emerging church'?

Here is another attempt to 'nail jello to the wall' for anyone interested in what the emerging church is. I have found Andrew Perryman's site to be very informative and engaging.

Yeah Ryan, "jello pinned on a wall". I wouldn't send anyone to that definition if they asked me, "What is the emerging church" Frankly, I couldn't come up with a definition any better. Michael can speak more eloquently on that subject than I. Maybe he can take a stab at definition?

I know for a fact that Michael can speak more eloquently on the subject than I can as well!!! I made a desperate attempt of it last Thursday morning at the meeting when Michael jumped in and came to my rescue! (Thanks Michael!) I don't think I would direct anyone new to the subject to that link I posted either; I have a hard time wrapping my head around some of their discussion on that site. The link was mainly for the purpose of provoking thought/discussion amongst the group.

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