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$200 Conversions...Does God fill our Desire or is He the Beginning


Yep, totally agree. "We love because He first loved us" 1 John 4:19. We seak Him out because, in a sense, He is already there. He knows us and is there loving us before we even know he exists. Its true, you cant really love someone you don't know. But whether we recognize it or not, He is already in us sparking our curiosity, giving us opportunities to find Him. The more we learn of Him, the more we love Him and the more our desire grows to seek Him and His love.

sometimes Erika, this desire seems like a chasing after our own feelings. It it really there, is it worth it?

So I have practically writen a book, several times over, to answer that last remark. The trouble is I can't really answer it. Honestly I don't know. How would one know if he/she is chasing after what God desires or is only following his/her own wants through whatever means that would provide their own desired end? Who knows? Who could be that honest, or know themselves that well? In us there are many faults so instead of trying to figure out what we are really chasing after I suggest we admit the terrifying reality; that even when we seemingly want to follow God and Glorify him, we also try hard to justify and rationalize whatever actions benefit ourselves. So, now what? I can't trust myself, great. Ok, so I pray. I pray that I am not following my own desires but those of God. I can no longer assume that I have Gods best interest in mind. I pray for guidance, for clarity, and because I know myself as a deceiver I also try to examine my own actions. Do they glorify God or myself? Im not always the best at this (or the most honest). So I pray some more. This is my method of dealing, and I deal with this a lot. Its not exactly brilliant
As for if God and His desire are really there. Well yes, I beleive it is, it's us who get in the way. Is it worth it, Ya. None of us are perfect, we all stumble, but just the occasional glimpse of what its like to be right with God and the rest of creation {like that feeling of epiphany or the calm peace that we are so lucky to sometimes encounter, or maybe just love(anyone lucky enough to experience a real love can recognize how special and rare it is)} certainly any of these experiences can point to what promises God has for us. This life of seeking is worth the struggle, its definitely worth it.
Well, this might be a bit of rambling, so Im sorry. I just couldn't stand to pass over this post again without replying.
What do you think?

I read your comment at trailblazer bible study this morning. There were some great conversations that started because of what you said.
We talked about a God-shaped hole, but the atheist would say it is our emotions looking for something to believe in.
There is a reason this journey is called "faith."
This occasional glimpse of being right with God, I've forgotten what it's like, but I want to get back there.

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