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Ted Haggard is in the news again...

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Wed Nov 4, 9:39 pm ET

Here is the AP article
COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – Ted Haggard, who was dismissed from the megachurch he founded after a man alleged a cash-for-sex relationship with him, plans to lead people in worship again.

The pastor told The Gazette he is holding a "prayer meeting" Nov. 12 in his living room in Colorado Springs but said it would also be correct to call it a church.

Haggard says he has no goals of building something like New Life Church, which began with about 25 people in his basement in 1985 and grew to thousands of members.

Haggard resigned from the church in 2006 after a Denver man said Haggard paid him for sex.

The gathering Nov. 12 will include music, an offering to New Life Church and a talk from Haggard about the power of prayer.

I wonder what Ted Haggard will say next, after his obvious hypocrisy. I'm not saying this out of despite, Ted Haggard should be loved and forgived. I hope he won't continue preaching against the lifestyle of gays and drug use. Ted has been humbled, so as Christians, let's love and forgive his holding him accountable to his words and actions.

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