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Do You Love Gay People? - A Love Issue


The comments are really revealing as to how blind and hateful some really are. Sadly many do not even realize how hateful their words are... when someone states:

We should love people the way God loves them; with truth, and pure love. There is gay people outthere who would be willing to change their lives and accept Jesus as their personal Savior. We as christians, cannot decide who will accept Jesus or who won't. Our duty is to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with our own testimony, and with Love. I have known gay people who repented and now are living a normal life (according to God's purpose). Believe me, God can still change people's lives. Let's pray for all those beautiful people (including gay people) who need Jesus as their personal Savior. Amen.

Sadly this is one of the more "loving" comments posted on the site. Yet, when a gay person hears a Christian say the word "change" they hear us saying they must clean up their lives before they come to Jesus! That is NOT the Gospel... We are saved by Grace, straight or gay.

The hate just keeps on coming proving the video over and over again as right on, yet as you can see they are blind to their own hate. It is time to stop hating and start loving... Will you take a stand for Unconditional Love?


Thanks Iggy for posting. One of my uncle's is gay, and for awhile I thought he would go to hell for his sins. The only reason I showed love to him was to save him from hell. Christianity can mess you up.

I'm a new reader who stumbled upon your blog online. I used to go to church regularly, but since I have become an adult and come out as gay, I feel rejected by the church's aggressiveness against gay people and would never consider going back.

Thank you for your post and for thinking truly like a Christian. You give me hope that gay people can be accepted, as-is - without being "converted", back into Christian churches.

Thanks for showing up. "Gay people" are always accepted. I put this in quotes, because we should not even separate our love for fellow humankind to categories anymore than we separate Christians into "Baptists", "Presbyterians", and everything else.
I understand your frustration with Christian churches.

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