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Boiler Room Communities (Millenium 3 Monestaries)

I really like what these guys are doing in the UK (and around the world):

I brought this up in one of our earlier meetings, but I think that this movement can give us some good ideas about what it means to be a "community in Christ." Although Trailblazer will remain a unique community without formal affiliations, the outline that they provide as a "customary" for their communities has been instrumental in shaping my vision for Trailblazer. Although details will vary from community to community, I think that the six core practices that they list are a good guideline for community development. You can read the "customary" at:

Sounds like you've gotten most of your ideas from these guys. I really like their ideas.

Hi Jesse,

Believe it or not, I was actually developing my ideas for Trailblazer for a while before I encountered the Boiler Room Communities. But, their material really helped to sharpen, clarify, and confirm some of these ideas that had been growing in my mind. That's pretty much been my history with the emerging church movement as a whole. I had had been engaged with the "emerging conversation" for years without even realizing it! I've never worshipped in an "emerging church," so I would love to take a field trip to one of these communities some day!

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