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Website Update II (Going Out On A Limb....)

Hi everyone! In light of our recent discussion on the Athanasian Creed, I've updated our "about us" section to include only the Apostles' Creed, in addition to a general statement that I have written. We will need to continue to discuss our confessional basis and use of this creed as things continue to develop.

I've also added a "vision and goals" section, which is a work in progress. I would like everyone's feedback on this. The last "goal" (which is a long-term future goal) might catch a few people by surprise, but it is ultimately where I hope we are headed as we look further ahead down the road :-)

I look forward to everyone's feedback on this section! There is still a lot that we need to hammer out (especially in terms of the creeds), but we're getting there! (Or, I should say, God is getting us there!)

Great Michael, now I'm happy! :)
Now we have the "Perfect Church"! LOL

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