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What Church do you go to?

Asking this question is like asking, "What Jesse do you go to?" It doesn't make sense. See the Church is who I am, along with 2000 years of Christianity. Christ said, "Upon this Rock I will build my Church." Not, "A bunch of groups of people who divide."
The beginning of a church is usually full of the spirit of God, not the needs of the institution. But that usually fades over time as financial pressures and the desire for routine and order become priority. A facility shouldn't be the main focus of any Christian gathering, but true community. Let us not be the church of Ephesus, but always have Christ the center of our community. Not losing our First Love. I hope we can be praying, sharing, exhorting, edifying, and worshiping freely when we gather. The Kingdom of Christ is bigger than any institution, whether Eastern Orthodox, Reform, Evangelical, Catholic, Emerging ect.
As a "trail guide" I have a huge responsibility to lead others on the narrow path. My goal is to enable people to live more deeply in Christ. May God and my fellow Christians help me as I am on that journey myself.

To that I say a big Southern Baptist-style "AMEN!" I couldn't agree with you more!

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