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Looking Ahead Down the Trail

Happy Sunday morning, everyone! I trust that you are blessed on this special day of worship.

I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on some of the exciting things that will be happening in the TrailBlazer Community during the next months. Please keep these projects in prayer as we move forward on this crazy adventure God is leading us on:

1) Weekly Bible Study: Starting next week (10/2), we will begin holding a weekly Bible study during our Thursday meeting at Wild Joe's. I'll bring the first message, and then we will begin a weekly rotation, with a different group member leading the discussion each week. Everyone is encouraged to participate by preparing a short message covering some aspect of Biblical teaching that they feel is important for the group to discuss. After every meeting, one of us will post a summary of the message on the blog, so that discussion can continue after the meeting closes.

2) TrailBlazer Prayer Chain: In the coming weeks, I would like to develop a "prayer chain" network for the TrailBlazer Community. The way it works is fairly simple: each member of the group will choose one day out of the week and commit to spending a half hour that day praying for the other members of the group. The idea is to have a constant rotation of people praying for one another. We will discuss this in greater detail on Thursday.

3) TrailBlazer Worship Service: It's still on the horizon :-) Please pray that God would help us to develop and organize an interdenominational worship service that would be honoring to Him and that would communicate His love to all in attendance. We will continue developing this project throughout the coming months.

Why the haste?
I want to know other people's opinion? How big do we want this group, and do we really want another church. I like the Bible study idea, but if this study get's bigger than 8-10 people, we will have to break into smaller groups, with a possible evening community get-together. This get-together can involve prayer and worship ect... I'd rather focus on community rather than a meeting place.

Hi Jesse,

We're not in any hurry, but I think that these are some positive things that we can do to strengthen our community and give us focus. I am certainly open to any other ideas you might have for the coming months.

Regarding the size of the group, my opinion is that we should leave that up to God. If God brings people into our group, then we should make them feel welcome and minister to them in a Biblical fashion. I tend to see our meeting place as a function of our group's size and purpose. If the group continues to grow, we may need to move some furniture around in back of Joe's ;-) (I'm kidding.)

I'm not against the idea of having smaller community groups, provided that there is an opportunity each week for everyone to get together as one community in Christ. As far as the Bible study goes, I would like for everyone to be present, so that we all have the opportunity to hear each other share a message from God's Word. I would like for the weekly Bible study to be around 15-20 minutes maximum, with discussion. This will allow enough time for open conversation before and after the message. Thoughts on this?

I'm not afraid of many new people, in fact I want to help encourage everyone on their journey. This is exciting, I'm genuinely curious what God is doing with us. I don't think formal worship is exactly what we need right now.

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